STU Email

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Can I change my email display name?

Contact the I.T. Help Desk (452-0635) for assistance.

Common Email questions, e.g. setting vacation messages, forwarding your mail, etc.

Please use the Help in whatever email program you use.  If you are using STU’s Webmail, use the Question Mark in the Upper Right, if you are using Gmail use the Help item under the “gear” icon.

How much storage space do I have in my email?

For students:
Google Apps provides unlimited storage.

For faculty/staff:
There is 2 GB of storage space. Contact the I.T. Help Desk to increase your storage space.

I received a suspicious email. What should I do?
Is there an attachment size limit?

You can send/receive files up to 25 MB.

Using other programs to get your mail (e.g. Apple Mail, mail on smartphones etc.)

Use your program’s help to set up a new account or connection to STU’s mail. You will need to give your mail program some information about STU’s mail system. In most cases all you will need to provide are the name of the mail server, the fact it is an Exchange type server, and your username and password. Most modern programs will auto-discover additional settings.

Server type: Exchange
Username or Account name: This will usually be your full email address, in some cases it’s just the part before the “@“ sign.
Password: Your email password

In rare cases or for older software you may need to provide additional information, if this is the case the following may be useful:

Connection type/Protocol: IMAP
port: 993

ssl: YES
port: 587

Note: POP protocol support is no longer provided.