St. Thomas University users should connect to our secure wireless network STU-Secure when on campus.

When STU users visit UNB (including the HIL)  or other universities and educational institutions around the world, users may connect to the eduroam network.



  1. Turn on wifi on your device and scan for networks, select STU-Secure
  2. When prompted for your username and password, enter your Computer Network Account credentials (Note: you do not need @stu.ca after your username)
  3. You may be asked to accept a certificate, click accept if it does.
  4. You should now be connected to STU-Secure
  5. Visit any webpage to verify connectivity

For a more detailed, step by step guide on how to connect to STU Secure on Windows and Vista click this link. For MAC users click on this link and for IPhone click here.



For a map of Canadian eduroam sites, click here. To see where eduroam is available around the world, click here

  1. Turn on wifi and scan for networks, select eduroam
  2. Provide your username and password… when prompted for your username enter your network username with the @stu.ca on it (eduroam needs to know where you come from!), e.g. jane_user@stu.ca
  3. You should now be connected to eduroam
  4. Go to a webpage to verify connectivity

If you have any problems connecting please let us know by emailing the ITS Help Desk at its@stu.ca or calling 452-0635.

Visitors to St. Thomas University should connect to eduroam if possible.

The STU-Guest secure wireless network is available for visitors without access to eduroam. You can get access to this network by contacting the I.T. Help Desk at 452-0635.

For help/issues for Residence Internet please click here