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ERMS – Emergency Messaging System

In the event of an emergency or campus closure, UNB Security will now notify the community through a mass emergency notification system called ERMS.  You need to update your ERMS profile with your contact information to be sure that you receive notifications using your preferred method – email, voice call or text message. 
  • ERMS does not use the same account information as other STU systems.  If you change your ERMS password, it will not change your STU Account password, similarly, if you change your STU Account password, it does not affect ERMS.
  • It’s good security practice to use different passwords on different systems, so you should make up a new password for ERMS, one you do not use for other logins.
  • When you add or change information in ERMS, it is not shared with other STU systems.  For example, if you add a new phone number to ERMS, the Registrar’s Office will not know about that new phone number.
Initial login
You should receive an email from the ERMS System asking your to log in and update your ERMS Profile.  Use the link in this email for initial access to ERMS.
Accessing ERMS
After you establish your profile in ERMS, you can log back in to update information by going to (Redirect to UNB Website) and clicking on the Update your info link.
Forgotten ERMS password
If you have forgotten your ERMS password, follow the steps in this document:
If you have any problems, contact us .
(ERMS is a system provided by ERMS Corporation. Personal data stored in ERMS is stored securely, in Canada, in compliance with the New Brunswick Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  The data you provide in ERMS is used solely for the purpose of mass notifications from the University.  The data you provide is not shared with any other parties.)