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Gmail to Office 365 Migration

How do I access my emails on a mobile device?

In order to view your emails on a mobile device, we recommend downloading the official Microsoft Outlook app from your app store (iOS App Store for iPhone and Google Play Store for Android) and adding your account (“username” and passphrase) to the app.

How do I log into my Office 365 account?

Click to go to the Office 365 sign-in page, enter your full email address <> and STU password.  You will be taken to the Office 365 landing page where you can access your mail, contacts, calendar, and the other available Office 365 web applications. 

To get to your mail, click on the Outlook icon. 

How do I save my Google content from my STU Google GSuite account?

STU ITS will be running a migration process to copy your email from Google to O365.  However, all other Google data is your responsibility to backup and save to a new location, either in O365 or a personal Google account. 

You will need to create (if you don’t already have) a personal Google account and migrate all your STU Google account content to this personal account or to your STU O365 account. 

For Google Drive content, Google provides a Transfer tool that will transfer the drive content to a personal Google account (not your account).  Using the transfer tool will automatically transfer all your drive files.  The transfer tool will not transfer contacts, calendar, or any other Google related content.  For information about the Google Transfer tool, click here. To transfer contacts and calendar items, see the information below. 

For Contacts and Calendar items, Google allows you the ability to export these items and import them into another account, either Google or Office 365. 


Alternatives for migrating Google GSuite content to a personal Google account or Office 365 

Migrating your Google Drive Files – You can use Google’s Takeout tool to export all your Google Drive files.  Using this tool, you can save the files as MS Office document file types (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Steps on how to use Google Takeout can be found here 

Migrating your other Google content – You can use Google’s Takeout tool to export all your Google content, except for Music, Movies, TV Shows, etc. Migrating all your content will allow you to access the files within whatever application allows the files to be opened. 

How do you think this will benefit students? How do you think it will benefit communication between faculty/staff and students?

This will provide the opportunity to enhance communication and collaboration.  With all accounts in one system, we will have a unified address book/directory, this will eliminate student accounts being tagged as ‘external’ and there will be native access to all Microsoft Office 365 applications for students, faculty, and staff The convergence of services and applications will create an enhanced learning, communication, and collaboration platform. 

Is Microsoft User-Friendly and compatible with all computer types?

Yes. The Microsoft Office 365 applications run on Windows, Mac and mobile devices running both iOS and Android. The web interface is easy to navigate, built to promote collaboration and meets accessibility requirements. 

Office 365 Tips and Tricks

These guides are provided courtesy of Microsoft. 

What are some benefits with this migration?

We are committed to improving the student experience at STU and while the process of change creates uncertainty; ITS is dedicated to ensuring this project is completed successfully. 


  • No download of software required. 
  • Can use any major browser to access all Microsoft Office 365 applications. 
  • Can use Microsoft apps from the Google Play store and Apple App Store to access your account. 
  • No longer a need for separate passwords for network (Advisor, Moodle, Wireless) and email. 
  • Access to download the latest copy of Microsoft Office on five devices (if you want to install the full desktop software). 
What impact do you hope this has on student accounts and communication?

Students will experience positive impact across the Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications.  Collaboration and security will both be enhanced by this change From a security perspective, Office 365 provides enhanced spam, phishing, and virus mitigation solutions.  These changes are designed to protect the student’s account and their proprietary information.  From a communication and collaboration perspective, Office 365 will provide a unified address book making connections to faculty and staff seamless within each Office 365 application. 

When will this change take place? Will all the emails and documents in Goggle drive from students Google accounts be deleted?

IT Services is currently preparing for this transition.  Starting August 13, 2019, IT Services will begin redirecting Student email to Microsoft Office 365.  On this date the Outlook icon will be activated in your O365 account and you will be able to use it to access your email.  We are working with student employees, testing processes, and have published this FAQ to help ensure a smooth transition.  This process will not require anyone to download software or stop using Google services.  Your official account will exist in the Microsoft Office 365 system; however, students will maintain their STU Google GSuite accounts until Jan 31, 2020; nothing will be deleted from Google until that time. 

Why was the decision to switch student email accounts to Microsoft?

St. Thomas University has completed a pilot of the Microsoft O365 email solution.  Faculty and staff started to move to the Microsoft platform in 2016 while Student accounts have remained on Google (Gmail) until the pilot project was completed.  IT Services and our vendors have completed the required changes and we are ready to complete this important project to unify the entire University Students, Faculty and Staff on a single email and collaboration platform. 

Will my email address change?

No, you will continue to receive email at, it will just be delivered to our environment within Microsoft not Google. 

Will my email signature, email forward, and automatic replies be transferred to my new account?

The process that copies your Google email to Office 365 copies all your emails, but will not copy the following:

  • Signatures
  • Automatic Replies (a.k.a. Out of Office)
  • Email Forwards or other Rules
These will have to be recreated by you in Office 365.
Will my Google Services (Music, Movies, TV Shows, Play, YouTube, etc.) transfer to my new account?

Unfortunately, All Google Play Services (Music, Movies, TV Shows, Play, YouTube, etc.) cannot be transferred to another account.  This is a limitation by Google and not restricted as part of the move to Office 365.  Music and Books purchased through Google Play store can be downloaded to a personal google account.