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VPN for macOS

Download/Install Tunnelblick

(Download from this link)

  • Double-click the icon to begin installation


  • Confirm that you wish to open/install the application


  • Enter macOS username/password to allow installation


  • You may be asked to install an update for Tunnelblick
    • Click install update


    • Update will then download and extract itself.
    • Click Install and Relaunch


    • Enter macOS user/name password


    • You will be prompted to enter username/password again to complete the update
  • Click on “quit” when Welcome to Tunnelblick / no VPN configurations installed is displayed



Get Firewall Config files

  • Go to, log in using your network username and password
  • Click on the “Remote Access” tab under the Sophos logo
  • Click Downloadscreen_shot_2016-11-09_at_10_41_28_am

Configuring the firewall

  • Open Tunnelblick in you applications folder. This will add the Tunnelblick icon to your system tray. Which will appear grayed out when the VPN is not activescreen_shot_2016-11-09_at_10_44_41_am
  • unzip the file you downloaded from
  • There will be a file in this folder with the extension of (ovpn), right click on this file and select Tunnelblick to install it.screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-10-48-26-am
  • You will then be prompted for you computer administrator username and password to install this VPN server.
  • Now when you click on the Tunnelblick icon in the system tray you will now see your STU VPN.


  • Click on the newly added VPN to attach to it. You will now be asked to provide your STU network username and password. Check ‘Save in Keychain’ if you don’t want to enter your login credentials everytime you connect.


  • Once you’ve successfully connected the Tunnelblick icon will go from grayed out to solid.