IT Services

Ph: (506) 452-0635
James Dunn Hall, Room 207

STU’s Wireless Network

To Connect to eduroam:

1.     Ensure your WIFI is turned on and scan for WIFI networks, select eduroam.

2.     To log in provide your STU Account and password (you must include the on your username (eduroam needs to know where you come from!), e.g.

3.     You should now be able to connect to eduroam

4.     Go to a webpage to verify connectivity

If you have any problems connecting, please contact us.

To see where else eduroam can be used in Canada, click here.  To see where eduroam is available around the world, click here


If you have no eduroam access… 

To request visitor access please contact the ITS Help Desk


Residence WIFI, Phone and TV

For information on or help with Residence WIFI, phone or TV please click here